Buy property gozo

If you ever have visited Gozo it might be tempting to buy  your own getaway on the island and there is alot of them for sale but be aware, many of this properties have been on the market for years and its always easier to buy then to sell so make sure your not paying to much.

Estate agents both in Malta and Gozo are not really there to help you but to rip you off, them are often very good in talking about the growth of the propertymarket and how much the value will increase in the next couple of years, however the fact is that many have hade loads of money on properties both in Gozo and Malta but that time has passed and today its totally different.

Keep in mind that the agents are basically making loads of profit that’s why there are so many popping from  time to time. They beef up the price to ALL their properties, otherwise the cheap once will get sold and the expensive once wont, so they have to increase the price for everything otherwise no one will buy their expensive properties.I used to work with a son of a manager of one of the big property companies in malta – and he told me that the above is just how they work to stay afloat.