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Best beaches in gozo

The best beach in gozo is all up to what  you like, some like sandy beaches while someothers prefer a rocky one.

Here is my list of beaches in Gozo, both sandy and rocky.

  1. Mgarr ix-xini is my personal number one, this little beach offers total relaxation and you might think your on the other side of the world. Its right in a valley west of Mgarr and it is not so easy to find, this is probably the reason why its quiet, calm and relaxing.
    It has some sand and small stone abut also offer rocks to just from. there is also one of the absolut best lunch restaurants in Malta right on the beach and the chef bbq outside everyday all summer long. Im not going to explain how to get their, its for you to find out.
  2. Dahlet qorrot is number two on my list, its also a small beach in a quiet location, doesnt offer any restaurant but a small sandy patch with a large sandy bay 3 minutes swim away. Its perfect for snorkeling even for kids.
  3. San blas beach / bay ,  is another lovely place but this require abit of walking down the very steep hill, or else pay the guy with the jeep a euro or two to take you down / up. There is no parking down at the beach so even if  you got a jeep your self you wont be able to park. Most years there is a small kiosk on the beach where you can find something small to eat or a drink.
  4. Ramla il hamra is the largest sandy beach in Gozo and offers a number of kiosks and bars. However the place is usually crowded at keep season from mid july to august.  The sand is a bit more coarse then other beaches in Malta and Gozo and there is also quite abit of small stone in the water which makes it hard to get in.
  5. Wied il ghasri, it might not really be a beach but it is a very nice place to swim if you like something different. Straight in the cliffvalley just north of zebbug, a nice find, if you manage to find it..
  6. Dwejra and Azure window, nice and popular rocky bay well worth a look, very good diving and snorkeling.

Gozo property market

The property market in Gozo have been more or less at a standstill the last couple of years ( from about 2009 ).  Smaller property developers have got into problems and banks are taking over more and more projects that was never sold.

This is the reason why its now possible to buy at a decent price, but we aware, most sellers will still ask 30-40% over market value so make sure you get an good idea of the real value.

Keep in mind that even the government of Malta is trying to keep the prices high and make people think that market is stable, this is the reason why the national statistics office base their statistics on “asking price” rather then the actual sales price!

Bear in mind that difference between askingprice and actual sale price can be anywhere between 20-70%!


Gozo property prices

To get an good idea about property prices in Gozo just check around the larger real estate websites, i wont meantion any names here but go on google and search for buy property gozo and you might find a couple of them.

Take your time to get an idea of prices for example of townhouses of the more popular “farmhouses” or house of character. Lets say that a farmhouse is listed at 300.000 euro, then the market value is most probable somewhere around 200.000 euro.

The reason for this is the estate agents pushing the price up for two reasons.

  1. To make more commision
  2. They simply increase listing price on all property, otherwise the more expensive once would never get sold

The same apply to property prices in Malta

Buy property gozo

If you ever have visited Gozo it might be tempting to buy  your own getaway on the island and there is alot of them for sale but be aware, many of this properties have been on the market for years and its always easier to buy then to sell so make sure your not paying to much.

Estate agents both in Malta and Gozo are not really there to help you but to rip you off, them are often very good in talking about the growth of the propertymarket and how much the value will increase in the next couple of years, however the fact is that many have hade loads of money on properties both in Gozo and Malta but that time has passed and today its totally different.

Keep in mind that the agents are basically making loads of profit that’s why there are so many popping from  time to time. They beef up the price to ALL their properties, otherwise the cheap once will get sold and the expensive once wont, so they have to increase the price for everything otherwise no one will buy their expensive properties.I used to work with a son of a manager of one of the big property companies in malta – and he told me that the above is just how they work to stay afloat.

Gozo taxi

Taxi in gozo

Taxi fares and prices are in general lower then the once in Malta. In gozo you have the option to choose the white taxis while in Malta you should avoid them in all possible way.

However this is in general, you should always get a price in beforehand while taking a taxi in Gozo or Malta, one taxi service that we can recommend is Rubens taxi you can reach him at 99228776.

Gozo ferry timetable


23rd June 2014 till 28th September 2014

00.45 (Daily) 01.20 (Daily)
02.00 (Daily) 02.30 (Daily)
03.30 (Daily) 04.00 (daily)
05.00 (Daily) 05.45 (Daily)
06.00 (Daily) 06.30 (Mon only  Exc. PH)
06.30 (Mon only  Exc. PH) 06.45 (Tue to Sun inc. PH)
06.45 (Tue to Sun inc. PH) 07.00 (Mon only  Exc. PH)
07.00 (Mon only Exc. PH) 07.30 (Daily)
07.30 (Daily) 08.15 (Daily)
08.15 (Daily) 09.00 (Daily)
09.00 (Daily) 09.45 (Daily)
09.45 (Daily) 10.30 (Daily)
10.30 (Daily) 11.15 (Daily)
11.15 (Daily) 12.00 (Daily)
12.00 (Daily) 12.45 (Daily)
12.45 (Daily) 13.30 (Daily)
13.30 (Daily) 14.15 (Daily)
14.15 (Daily) 15.00 (Daily)
15.00 (Daily) 15.45 (Daily)
15.45 (Daily) 16.30 (Daily)
16.30 (Daily) 17.15 (Daily)
17.15 (Daily) 18.00 (Daily)
18.00 (Daily) 18.45 (Daily)
18.45 (Daily) 19.30 (Daily)
19.30 (Daily) 20.15 (Daily)
20.15 (Daily) 21.00 (Daily)
21.00 (Daily) 21.45 (Daily)
21.45 (Daily) 22.20 (Daily)
23.00 (Daily) 23.45 (Daily)

From 5th May 2014 till 22nd June 2014

From 29th September 2014 till 2nd November 2014

01.30   02.00
03.30 04.00
05.00   05.45
06.00   06.30 (Mon only exc. Public Holidays)
06.30 (Mon only exc. Public Holidays) 06.45 (Tue to Sun inc. Public Holidays)
06.45 (Tue to Sun inc. Public Hoidays)   07.00 (Mon only exc. Public Holidays)
07.00 (Mon only exc. Public) 07.30
07.30   08.15
08.15   09.00
09.00   09.45
09.45   10.30
10.30   11.15
11.15   12.00
12.00   12.45
12.45   13.30
13.30   14.15
14.15   15.00
15.00   15.45
15.45   16.30
16.30   17.15
17.15   18.00
18.00   18.45
19.30   20.15
21.00   21.35
22.30 23.05
23.45   00.20

Where is malta

Malta island is located 1,5 hour by fast ferry or 30 minutes by flight south of the island of Sicily ( Italy ), or about 90 km from Libya or 75 km from Tunisia, in the middle of the mediterranean sea. Malta and gozo been independent since 1964 but have a vast history of rulers includish British, Italian, French and Turkish which makes the island an interesting spot to visit. It also makes a good spot to furture explore other nearby islands and countries.where-is-malta