Cheap hotels in gozo

Prices of accommodation in Gozo can vary alot depending of season etc, however there is a few tips and tricks to save some money.

  1. Always book in time, this is the best saver ever but not always applicable
  2. Look at options instead of a hotel, in Gozo there is loads and loads of self catering apartments and houses. Here is probably where you can find a good deal.
  3. If you still want to find a  cheap hotel look at or try downtown hotel in Victoria, or ulyssesaparthotel in Xlendi. Both this  hotel usually offers hotel standard for a decent price.
  4. Another and probably the best option is to look at a guesthouse. In gozo there is close to 30 guesthouses with all from 2 to 15 rooms. We can recommend Lantern guesthouse or Dar Ta’ Zeppi in Qala who is one of the first b&b on the island but its more like a hotel then a b&b.